Chelmsford Community Center

Chelmsford Community Center (CCC) at North Town Hall, located at 31 Princeton Street in North Chelmsford, was built in 1853 on land that was generously donated by two local residents, Benjamin and Thomas Adams.   During the early years, Town Meetings alternated between the Center and North Town Halls.  In later years, North Town Hall functioned as the gathering place for numerous municipal events including High School graduations and receptions, proms, classroom space, school administration offices, and a polling place, among other things. It has also strengthened the community’s bond during its history by providing countless public events like plays, stage shows, movies, social outings and scout troop meetings to name a few.  Dancing and elocution lessons were available to residents.  For a time, the American Legion gave out Halloween candy from this historic building.  Another notable fact is that Spaldings' Light Calvary, a very well respected and decorated Civil War unit, chose our North Town Hall as its home.  The building was renovated with the use of Community Preservation funding and is one of 80,000 buildings in the U.S. which is listed on The National Register of Historic Places.

north town hall 9-4-2013
North Town Hall 2013

north town hall (1880-1899)
North Town Hall circa 1880-1899

The Community Center has been very successful since its opening in 2012.  A volunteer town committee, The North Town Hall Advisory Committee, manages the operations of the building and is tasked with ensuring the operating expenses for the building are paid by the proceeds raised from classes held in the hall and events managed by the Committee. North Town Hall is a great resource for the town to help promote family and community bonding.  It is a welcoming space to connect with others, casual and informal, yet elegant at the same time.  

CCC offers weekly yoga and wellness classes, along with dance class sessions for the community.  Currently, dance classes include ballroom dancing and Indian classical dance.   Monthly events include Scottish Country Dancing with live music, Ballroom Social Dances and Meditation classes.   The Committee sponsors community events throughout the year, which include Celtic Pub Nights, Halloween Parade, Memorial Day Event, family-oriented performances and movie nights.  Join us at these fun and casual events to meet more members of your community!  

Follow Chelmsford Community Center on Facebook for ongoing and upcoming events.  CCC also has limited availability for rentals to nonprofit organizations and for weekly classes that are community oriented.

CCC is managed by a volunteer group of Chelmsford residents who are dedicated to ensuring the building is available for community use and events.   We would love to have more volunteers to support the building and programming!  If you are interested in helping out or have ideas on events you would like to see in the community, please contact CCC.

CCC can be reached by sending an instant message to Chelmsford Community Center on Facebook or by email to