Knox Boxes

knox box

The Chelmsford Fire Department helps to ensure property safety and security by requiring the Knox Box rapid entry system to be installed on every building in the community. These strong, safe, and secure key boxes can only be accessed by a special key that only the fire department is authorized to possess. 

Rapid Entry systems prevent property damage, saves property owners money, and more importantly saves critical time in an emergency.

A property representative can store keys that allow firefighters access to the front door, fire alarm and sprinkler control areas, utility and mechanical areas, and individual office suites if necessary. 

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Knox Boxes now available for home use!

The Chelmsford Fire Department is pleased to sponsor the residential Knox Box program. You or a loved one can be in the home with peace of mind knowing that the Fire Department has access to an ultra-secure key box.

You can protect your loved ones in the case of a fall, or yourself in the case of a fire alarm at the residence when you’re not home. 

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residential knox box

Knox Box Regulations

If you change keys, give our dispatcher a call at (978) 250-5265, or call the fire prevention office at (978) 251-4288 between the hours of 8AM and 4PM. Keys can also be dropped off at the Fire Prevention Office between 8AM and 4PM

When submitting new keys for the Knox Box, a firefighter will visit the building and put the new keys in the Knox Box. We can also take out any keys that you  would like removed at that time. 

  • New keys should be on a key ring and shall be labelled with a key tag.