Procedures For Obtaining A Building Permit

Please read all of these procedures before heading to our Permitting System

1. BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION- All permit applications are submitted online at the Town Website. Click "online permitting", register (create account) and complete application.

2. MASS Energy Code- This form is required for all new residential additions /remodels (heated areas). REScheck printout ( New homes require a HERS Certification as Chelmsford is a Stretch Code Community.

3. CERTIFIED PLOT PLAN- Submit one copy of plot plan showing proposed building/ addition to scalenoting distances to lot lines. This is required to ensure compliance with Zoning By-Laws (setbacks).  Required for all new buildings, additions, sheds, decks, porches, pools or any other similar structures. A new "AsBuilt" may be required after installation of foundation. Please be advised that Zoning has an impact on preexisting nonconforming structures with regards to new additions and second levels.

4. FRAMING PLANS- Show the size of the addition and/or foundation, size of lumber, joists, headers, doors, window sizes, insulation, etc. and floor plan. Any Engineered lumber (LvL's) requires STAMP from same.

5. FIRE DEPARTMENT -Approval required for new Residential construction, bedroom additions/alterations and for interior work to commercial or industrial properties. Three (3) sets of floor plans are required and must be Approved and stamped by the Fire Department for smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector locations. 

6. CONSERVATION- Building Permit Application for exterior structures must be approved online by the Conservation Commission to check proximity to wetlands, if "flagged" by Permitting System.

7. FEES- Fees are calculated on the estimated cost of all materials, labor, site work, sub-contractor work. Fees are $15.00 per $1,000 of the estimated cost. The minimum fee for residential jobs is $150.00; the minimum for nonresidential is $350.00. All building projects require an additional Certificate of Occupancy/Completion & fee.

8. HOMEOWNERS- If the homeowner is the applicant and acting as the general contractor under the Homeowner Exemption, he/she may lose their right to tl1e HIC Arbitration and Guaranty Fund. Please see State website for Office of Consumer Affairs.

9. CONTRACTORS- upload copies of CSL & HIC Registration and Contract w/homeowner and any related Drawings/ specs.

10. Electrical / Plumbing & Gas -These permits may also be required depending on project type.

Depending on the scope of the project, additional application materials may be required. Please contact the Building Department at (978) 250-5225 if you have any questions.