Lefebvre Memorial Stone

Chelmsford Marine Killed in Action Viet Nam
Full Military Honors
Marine Hero Saw Effects of Communism
Nations Highest Honor

Intersection of Boston Road and Concord Road, Chelmsford MA
Dedicated November 11, 2000 

Rudolph Harold Lefebvre, Jr. was a Corporal in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War; he was killed in the province of Qua Tri, July 18, 1965. 

The Lefebvre stone was a memorial from his "Comrades in Arms," Corporal L. S. Kessler, Corporal G. McCarthy, Corporal R. Clites, Corporal J. J. Volker, L/CP J. Arnold, CPL A. A. Malachin, CPL G. I. Mason, SGT D. W. Miller, SGT C. G. Pagano, and SGT L. W. Demaris