Property Tax Reduction Programs for Homeowners

Property Tax Exemptions
The Town of Chelmsford, through the Assessors department, offers a number of tax exemption programs. You should have received a yellow flyer with one of your real estate tax bills.
For those eligible, tax exemptions can reduce your property tax liability. You may be eligible if you fall into one of the following categories:
  • Elderly (age 65 or above)
  • Surviving Spouse
  • Elderly (age 70 or above)
  • Minor child of a deceased parent
  • Veteran
  • Blind
  • Hardship (at the discretion of the Board of Assessors)
The Assessors office provides information to determine if you are eligible for one of these tax exemptions – Go here!

If you believe you may be eligible, application forms can be downloaded – Go here!
The form must be filled out and submitted to the Assessors Office.

There is also a tax exemption program available through the Community Preservation Act for low and moderate-income households. To see if you might be eligible Go here!

Property Tax Deferrals

Seniors (age 65 and over) may be eligible for a program that allows them to defer a portion of local real estate taxes. A deferral will not reduce your tax liability, but it may allow you to postpone payment. The form required to apply for a tax deferral is available on line – Go here!

Property Tax Abatements

If you believe your property tax bill merits a reduction, you can file an application for abatement with the Town of Chelmsford Assessors office. Examples of reasons that may merit abatement would be if your property was overvalued or classified incorrectly by property usage. The form for filing for a tax abatement is available on-line – Go here!

Senior Tax Rebate/ Work Program

This program enables seniors to work 74 hours of municipal service and receive a $500 rebate on their tax bill. There is no 'means' test, but the senior must be a town resident, over 60 years of age and pay taxes on their home. Applications are available at the Senior Center – Go here!