The Select Board shall be the licensing authority of the Town and shall have all the power to issue licenses as otherwise authorized by law, to make all necessary rules and regulations regarding the issuance of such licenses and to attach conditions and restrictions on any such license it may issue as it deems to be in the public interest, and to enforce all laws relating to all such businesses for which it issues any licenses.

Please contact Kristina Bruce at (978) 250-5289 or with any Select Board licensing questions.

​Alcohol Licensing

Liquor License Regulations

New or Transfer Alcohol License Application Packet

Amendment to Alcohol License Application Packet

One Day Liquor License Regulations and Application

COVID-19 Temporary Outdoor Seating

Common Victualer Licensing​

Common Victualer License Application Packet

​Entertainment Licensing

Entertaiment License Application

​Auto Dealer Licencing

Auto Dealer License Application Packet

​Roadside Vendor Licensing

Roadside Vendor Application

​​License for Storage of Flammables, Combustibles or Explosives

Storage of Flammables Application Packet

Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI)

CORI Policy

CORI Acknowledgement Form

Correcting a Criminal Record

​Licensing Fees

Schedule of Fees