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When the active employee nears age 65, they must file with Social Security Administration for Medicare Part A only, which is free hospitalization coverage, to avoid any financial penalty later.  This applies to the employee's spouse as well.  Both are required to enroll in free Medicare Part A (Only) hospital benefits upon reaching age 65 and provide the Town Human Resources office a copy of the Medicare card as proof of eligibility.  It is recommended that the employee and/or spouse file up to 4 months before their 65th birth month to avoid any financial penalty or delay. To file for Medicare benefits, call 1-800-772-1213 for a phone interview, call your local office for an appointment - Lowell is 1-877-746-9850 or go online at www.ssa.gov.  The actively working employee and family members may remain on their HMO or PPO while still employed. 

Upon retirement, the Town of Chelmsford requires the retiree at age 65 to enroll in Medicare Part A (hospital) and Part B (medical) to continue with Town offered supplemental insurance to Medicare benefits.  In the rare case a retiree does not qualify for Medicare Part A - the Town of Chelmsford will pay the cost of Part A and penalties associated for the retiree to become eligible. The retiree is responsible for paying the Medicare Part B monthly premium directly to Social Security Administration.  See the Retiree Benefits page for details about supplemental health insurance and prescription drug coverage offered by the Town of Chelmsford. 

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