Transfer Tanks

Transfer Tank

Transfer Tanks and Tank Trucks

Any vehicle that has a mounted transfer tank that is parked overnight in Chelmsford must be permitted and inspected. Biannual stickers are no longer required in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; however, a flammable and combustible materials permit is required for the property where the truck will be parked overnight. Fill out a Flammable and Combustible Materials permit application on the Chelmsford Fire Department permitting portal. 

Transfer Tank must comply with 527 CMR 1.00 Ch. 42.15

  • Tanks must be securely mounted to the vehicle body or truck bed.
  • Tanks shall not exceed 110 gallons 
  • Tanks may not be constructed with less than 14 USS gauge standard open hearth steel tank plate or one-eighth inch-thick aluminum.
  • Liquid shall be drawn only from the top of the tank by means of a suitable pump to which is attached a durable hose equipped with a self-closing nozzle.
  • All tank openings must be securely plugged or capped. 
  • The vehicle shall be equipped with a fire extinguisher with a minimum 1-A: 10-B,C rating
  • Tank may not be mounted in the bed or body of any vehicle contains a hoist to raise such bed or body. 

All (cargo) tank trucks must comply with NFPA 385 and 527 CMR 1.00 Ch. 42.7